About us

Discover the secret behind Minoric Gin Premium, the gin that has captured the hearts of lovers of elegance and sophistication. This adventure began three years ago in Menorca, where a passion for gin and the beauty of the island served as the inspiration to create something truly unique.

In a world where gin and gin and tonics are becoming increasingly common, Minoric Gin Premium has set out to change the rules of the game. Our gin offers exquisite design, pure elegance, class, and glamour in every bottle, a true work of art that will delight your senses.

Our team is comprised of a group of passionate experts dedicated to their craft. One of Spain’s top master distillers is responsible for creating our formulas through the maceration and infusion of select ingredients, all done in an artisanal manner. Innovation, excellence, and technology come together in our gins, which are not only 100% natural but also distilled and not derived from concentrates or produced through mere mixing. We utilize state-of-the-art stills that ensure the utmost purity in production.

Our mixologist, a bronze medalist in the International Barman Association’s World Cocktail Championship in the After Dinner category and the first-place winner in Lima Rose’s internal competition, deeply studies spirits, their production, and their mixing, as well as the products they are paired with, understanding why and how they are blended to give our gins the perfect touch of identity.

All of this harmonizes art, technique, and business experience, resulting in three marvelous gins, each one unique and exceptional.

If you’re looking for more than just a simple drink, Minoric Gin Premium is the perfect choice. Discover the adventure of elegance and sophistication with every sip and share this delicious secret with us. Join the gin revolution and enjoy an unforgettable experience. #MinoricGin #GinPremium #Elegance #Sophistication #Menorca #Glamour